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Name: HGH fragment 176-191, HGH frag
Function: Peptides for bodybuilding,  for muscle growth, for fat burning
Specification: 2mg/vial, 10vials/Kit
CAS: 66004-57-7
Appearance: White powder, freeze-dried powder, lyophilized powder


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HGH Fragment 176-191 peptides Description:

HGH Fragment 176-191 5mg

HGH FRAGMENT 176-191 dosage

What is the correct dose of HGH FRAG 176 191?

Unfortunately, it is difficult for you to get a straightforward answer.

Because HGH-FRAG is not currently regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, there is no clear guide for the “correct” dose.

Therefore, most people seeking to use the peptide will refer to the success of other people’s past discovery.

Fortunately, there are a variety of user comments published on the Internet, including more information and details about safe use.

Nevertheless, talking to doctors is always a good idea before using a new weight loss supplement.

New users want to ensure that it will not interfere with other prescription drugs or previously existed diseases.

Generally speaking, most beginners should aim at the lower dose of 150 micrograms of 150 micrograms-200 micrograms (1-2 times a day).

Then, after monitoring the results of the first few weeks, you can decide to increase the dose according to the results of weight loss.

Generally, the dose of most intermediate users is between 250 micrograms and 300 micrograms each time (1-2 times a day).

In any case, HGH FRAG 176 191 must not be used for more than 4-8 weeks before resting from the cycle.

It is important to leave this compound for a while, so that the body can respond and recover from the supplement.

You will find that many people only need 1-2 cycles to achieve the weight results they want.

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