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Bac Water

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Name: Bac water
Function: Dilute or dissolve peptides
Specification: 2ml/vial, 10vials/Kit
Appearance: White powder, freeze-dried powder, lyophilized powder


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Bac water Description

What is BAC water?

Bacteriostatic water is used to dilution or dissolution of various medicationsa.  Many laboratories use bac water to dissolve freeze-dried powder such as HCG, HGH and other peptide.

Bac water vs sterile water?

Sterile water is water that does not have any microbes in it. Bacteriostatic water is sterile water contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol to prevent bacterial growth, It can keep a long time even 28days.


The efficacy of Bacteriostatic water

  • Bac water used for Cleaning and disinfection

Bacteriostatic water has undergone strict preparation and testing, effectively eliminating potential bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants. It provides a clean environment for drug preparation and injection processes, reducing the risk of cross infection.

  • Stable drugs

The water can serve as a diluent or solvent in the preparation of drugs, helping to maintain stability and efficacy. It can not only slow down the degradation process of drugs, but also increase their solubility and improve their bioavailability.

  • Water electrolyte balance

It can be used to supplement body fluids and maintain water electrolyte balance during the infusion process. The can replace patients with dehydration and salt loss for fluid replacement therapy, meeting their basic dehydration or electrolyte disorder needs.


Where can I order bac water?

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