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Name: HGH , Somatotropin, Human growth hormone
Function: Peptides for bodybuilding
Specification: 10iu/vial, 10vials/Kit
CAS: 12629-01-5
Formula: C990H1529N263O299S7


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HGH Description:

What is HGH ?

HGH (Human growth hormone or somatotropin and growth hormone) acting on many parts of the body and promoting children’s growth. It is a natural hormone produced and released by pituitary gland. The growth hormone no longer increases the height when the growth board in the bone (bone) is fused but your body still needs to grow hormones. Growth hormone helps maintain normal body structure and metabolism after the growth is completed, including helping to maintain blood glucose levels within a healthy range.

Hormone is a kind of chemical that transmits information to organs, muscles, and other tissues through blood to coordinate different functions of the body. These signals tell you what to do and when to do. Your body produces more than 50 hormones, many of which interact with hormones to form a complex process network.

The pituitary is a small endocrine glands in the size of a pea, located at the bottom of the brain below the hypothalamus. It consists of two leaves: front leaves and rear leaves. Your pioneer produces HGH.

Pituitary handle is your pituitary gland that connected to the hypothalamus through a blood vessel and nerve. The hypothalamus is a part of controlling blood pressure, heart rate, body mild digestion and other functions in the brain. Through the handle, your hypothalamus communicates with your pituitary, and tells it to release certain hormones. In this case, your hypothalamus releases growth hormone (GHRH) to stimulate your pituitary release HGH.

Healthcare providers use HGH (sometimes called recombinant HGH) to treat certain health conditions, including growth hormone deficiency. You should not take the synthetic HGH without a doctor’s prescription.

HGH function

Growth hormone is combined with growth hormone receptors in liver, muscle, adipose tissue, breasts, skeletal, kidney, and embryo stem cells In various vertebrates. Growth hormone functions on the growth of body cells are mediated by IGF. GH stimulates the absorption of amino acids and the synthesis of protein is an important regulatory factor for the use of blood sugar and amino acids. GH also helps maturity, supporting and gonads. Among the wide -salt fish, GH is essential to adapting to seawater.

Human growth hormone (growth hormone) is a protein that is vital to human growth and development. HGH affects human development and metabolism, including longitudinal growth, protein synthesis and lipid regulation (increase), and the adjustment of glucose metabolism (decrease). It used as a drug since the 1950s. It is treating typical growth hormone deficiency, chronic renal insufficiency, Turner syndrome, female lactic acid secretion disorders and Pradh Welis syndrome has achieved great success. In its long history, this hormone has always been significant and has no side effects.

HGH uses in bodybuilding

For adults who have a growth hormone deficiency, injections of HGH can:

    • Increase exercise capacity.
    • Increase bone density.
    • Increase muscle mass.
    • Decrease body fat.

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