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Name: TB 500 peptide, thymosin beta4
Function: Peptides for bodybuilding, peptide for muscle growth
Specification: 5mg/vial, 10vials/Kit
CAS: 885340-08-9
Appearance: White powder, freeze-dried powder, lyophilized powder


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TB500 peptides Description:

What is TB500?

TB500 is a synthetic version of thymosin peptide (sometimes called TB500 peptide), which occurs naturally in humans and animals. It is most commonly used in studies conducted on horses—largely because the supplement itself is not readily available. It is sold primarily for veterinary use and research.

Research shows that TB-500 greatly aids recovery and healing from injuries that normally take months to heal, such as tendinitis, ligament injuries, and fractures. Its regenerative properties have also been recognized in various cardiac tissues.

TB-500 is effective not only for athletes due to its injury recovery and performance-enhancing properties, but also for athletes suffering from acute and chronic injuries or illnesses. It offers potential assistance to those who wish to promote wound healing, reduce inflammation, and recover more quickly from surgery or illness.


  • Increased strength and muscle gains
  • Increased stamina
  • Shorten wound healing time and accelerate tissue repair
  • Reduce instances of pain and inflammation
  • Improve flexibility
  • Stimulating the growth of hair

Application of TB500 peptide in bodybuilding?

TB-500 peptide works primarily by increasing cellular proteins and making the body more sensitive to hormones, especially actin.

All of this increases muscle mass and strength production, recovery, and recovery. This is especially helpful if you do bodybuilding.

For the doses studied, 4 to 10 mg twice weekly was more than adequate. Reduce the dose to 2-5 mg when you get used to it.

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